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Getting Around

    There are two quick and easy ways to reach Roosevelt Island: the F train subway and the Tram. The F train is available throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens and the station is right near the center of the island.  The Tram, the admittedly more fun way to get to the island that has great views, is available at 60th Street and Second Avenue in Manhattan and touches down also in the center of the island, right near the start of the walking tour.  Why not travel in style in a quick 3 minute journey over the East River?

    We know this is a walking tour, but at some point, you're going to want to relax a bit.  Roosevelt Island has several methods for getting around without using your feet (too much).  The Roosevelt Island Red Bus is quite convenient, stopping at both the subway and the Tram, and continuing along a loop around the island.  A schedule and list of stops can be found HERE. The Red Bus is free, making it quite convenient. The MTA Q102 Bus also runs a loop around the island, and continues into Queens.  A real-time schedule of Q102s can be found HERE.  Like all other buses in NYC, the Q102 accepts Metrocards or exact change.

    If you don't want to come by public transportation, you can drive around the island, although parking is limited and restricted to certain areas of the island, such as Main Street. Why not check out this PUBLIC TRANSPORT MAP instead? You will be historically correct!   

    If you can fit it on the F train or Tram, why not bike around the island?  The low volume of cars makes it a biker's paradise compared to Manhattan, and there are plenty of bike racks if you decide to stop and have a bite to eat or something to drink. 

All of these options can provide quick and easy transport around Roosevelt Island. Pick one and let's get started!


Getting Around


The Island’s Transportation

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Marena Wisniewski

Marena Wisniewski

Marena Wisniewski

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