Some locals call it East Berlin, but we think that's a bit harsh. Known as the WIRE buildings, (Westview, Island House, Riverwalk, and Eastwood) these four buildings are only residential buildings built following the Urban Development Corporation plan designed by Philip Johnson and John Burgee. For you architecture buffs, the architects of these buildings are quite famous, and include Sert, Jackson & Associates (Westview & Eastwood). Johansen & Bhavani (Rivercross & Island House).

    All four buildings were built under the Mitchell-Lama Housing Program, which developed and built affordable housing, both rental and co-operatively owned, for low and middle-income residents. 

        Completed in 1975 and 1976, respectively, the buildings were designed in a brutalist aesthetic that some people (no judgement) find hard to love.  One of the important features of the WIRE housing buildings are the unique, modern, monolithic facades. 

    However, with ample-sized apartments, private pools and saunas, and open courtyards leading to the promenade, the amenities and location of these houses made them prime real estate when they were built that still holds true to this day.

    The ground level of each building houses commercial space, including the Roosevelt Island Branch of the New York Public Library and Coach Scott's Main Street Sweets, a perfect spot to enjoy an ice cream or iced coffee on a hot day. 

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UDC Housing and Johnson-Burgee Plan

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