Is this another high-tech residential complex? Nope! This 93,000 square foot complex, designed by famed architect Michael Fieldman and Partners in 1992, is Roosevelt Island's only school.  Although the Johnson-Burgee plan called for a multitude of mini schools, of which five were actually built, the construction of Manhattan Park, which is up next on the tour, prompted the construction of a complex better able to handle the influx of students. 

    Built in similar design to the subway stop and Motorgate, which is also coming up, the school has clean lines peppered with flashes of RIOC Red, like many other things on the island.  The school has a two-story gym, a fine arts wing, and a cafeteria with waterfront views.  Sorry adults on the tour, the school only serves grades Pre-K to 8, but those wishing to enroll should check out the school's website here.

    Opposite the school is the Roosevelt Island Bridge, painted in, you guessed it, RIOC Red.  Opened on May 18, 1955, the RI Bridge replaced the vehicular elevator on the Queensboro Bridge, and is still the only avenue for vehicular traffic to reach the island.  The bridge is a vertical drawbridge, lifting the entire 418 foot span up and back down as ships pass underneath.  The bridge doesn't see much traffic until the Fall, when the UN Summit closes the west channel of the East River to traffic.  There is also a pedestrian and bike path, and the Q102 Bus uses the bridge to pick up passengers traveling to and from Queens.  A copy of the bus schedule can be found here.

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